IMO A – Tank

Torgy’s LNG A-Tank is based on conventional A-Tank, commonly used for LPG, but there is a need for an entirely secondary barrier to comply with LNG use requirements. The secondary barrier developed by Torgy LNG is a metallic barrier, by use of thin plates in Stainless Steel, organized to handle the cryogenic environment and the challenging effects of cooldown during operation. 

Torgy-LNG has patented the design and layout for the innovative pattern, named “Fishbone pattern, ” which releases the stress in membrane plates during cooldown. 

The system is based on previous approvals for GASA completed in 2013 and 2017, but now with material and build-up to meet the customer’s reliability and cost.

IMO A-Tank for LNG-use gives some benefits compared to other known tank types in the market:

  • Space efficiency; shaped to fit the vessel.
  • Reliability 1; by use of a known and field-proven A-Tank as the main barrier.
  • Reliability 2; by use of a metallic secondary barrier.
  • Production time; A-Tank will be produced in parallel with the vessel.
  • Cost; depending on size, vessel type, machinery, customer requirements, etc.

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