Fuel gas supply system

Here at Torgy LNG, our Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS) are offered to various end consumers, whether it is engines for direct propulsion, generators, boilers, gas combustion units, or turbines.  

Different engine makers require different inlet gas pressures, and Torgy LNG can meet the criteria from almost atmospheric pressure and up to 345 bar gauge. 

Fuel gas supply systems can be delivered with:

  • VFD controlled LNG Fuel pumps
  • Pressure Build-up Unit (PBU). *Only applicable for C-tank installations 

Systems delivered by Torgy LNG will be engineered, purchased, and produced per the client’s wishes and requirements. Equipment packages can be supplied as loose items or delivered as complete skid structures, ready for installation. Skid Structures are fabricated in dedicated facilities either in Europe, Asia, or a combination. 

FGSS systems are offered extensively using actuation media, such as pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic.

Pumps will be optimized to the actual facility and be offered as;

  • Retractable submerged
  • Fixed submerged in-tank motor pump
  • Deep-well.  

Tank Pressure Management or boil-off gas management

Tank Pressure Management or boil-off gas management can be offered as a single clean solution or a combination of different technologies to increase flexibility and redundancy. The most common practice for FGSS facilities with a cylindrical C-tank is to manage the Boil-Off Gas (BOG) by a dedicated free-flow line toward a Low-Pressure (LP) fuel gas consumer. Typically, a DF boiler, Composite boiler, GCU, or LP Auxiliary engine. Larger C-tank installations, or BOG handling from other tank technologies with lower design pressure, will require a more active tank pressure management. In these applications, BOG Compressors are the most used application. Sub-cooling systems and the Re-liquefaction system are also relevant technologies for controlling BOG and Tank Pressure.  

Torgy LNG can tailor the most suitable solution for each project, with a target to keep CAPEX and OPEX as low as possible and have a strong focus on the most environmentally friendly solution to limit unnecessary gas consumption and flaring.  

Tailored Control System Engineering

Tailored Control System Engineering provides safe and reliable operation of the plant. Torgy LNG delivers a full scope of the FGSS Process Automation System, integrated with the ESD system, which is built on the same platform. The Process Automation System is also provided with interfaces to external control systems such as ECS (Engine Control System), SSL (Ship-to-Shore Link System), IAS (Integrated Automation System)/AMS (Alarm Management System).   

Description of Process Automation System

  • Plant overview, interface to field (#temp #press #flow #level) 
  • Control Loops (#press #temp #PID) 
  • Automated Sequences (#start #stop) 
  • Operator user experience (#operator dialogue box #UI #crewtraining) 
  • Interface to external Control Systems 
  • Protocols (#TCP/IP #Profinet #Profibus #Modbus #OPC) 
  • SPM (#shipnet #big data #owner remote access) 
  • Remote Access Customer Support (#shipnet #remote access)  

Utility systems for FGSS can also be provided by Torgy LNG, such as:

  • Nitrogen production (Generator Packages)
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • Heating Medium Circulation with different kinds of heat sources (separately or in combination)
  • Ventilation systems for hazardous enclosed spaces
  • Vent masts and blowdown systems
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Hardware & Software for Cargo Control System
  • Sub-cooling units for cargo applications
  • Re-liquefying units for cargo applications
  • Double-wall piping (vacuum insulated, ventilated, or N2 pressurized)
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