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Torgy LNG offers a wide range of products. Generally, within the maritime sector, and especially within the Liquid Gas segment.

The company has proven experience in engineering and production of Tank Connection Space (TCS), Bunkering skids both smaller skids for ship side bunkering stations and larger complex bunkering manifolds with several connections, combined skids for Fuel Preparation Room (FPR), smaller compressor skids and open systems such as pipe racks, heating medium systems, vent mast arrangement.

A – Tank

C – Tank

Fuel Gas Supply System
Fuel Gas Supply System

Cargo System

Stress analysis
Stress Analysis

LNG Consultant
LNG Consultancy

IMO A – Tank

Torgy’s LNG A-Tank is based on conventional A-Tank, commonly used for LPG, but there is a need for an entirely secondary barrier to comply with LNG use requirements. The secondary barrier developed by Torgy LNG is a metallic barrier, by use of thin plates in Stainless Steel, organized to handle the cryogenic environment and the challenging effects of cooldown during operation. 

Torgy-LNG has patented the design and layout for the innovative pattern, named “Fishbone pattern, ” which releases the stress in membrane plates during cooldown.

IMO C – Tank

Torgy LNG delivers type C-Tank for projects worldwide, represented in Europe and Asia, secure design and quality at a high level for a competitive cost.  

The C-Tank type is the most common tank technology for LNG fuel containment, typically used as a fuel tank for cargo vessels. The construction is 
similar to a pressure vessel, based on the cylindrical design for optimal material usage vs. internal pressure, with a maximum design pressure of 10 bar for marine applications. 

Fuel gas supply system

Here at Torgy LNG, our Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS) are offered to various end consumers, whether it is engines for direct propulsion, generators, boilers, gas combustion units, or turbines.
Different engine makers require different inlet gas pressures, and Torgy LNG can meet the criteria from almost atmospheric pressure and up to 345 bar gauge.

Fuel gas supply systems can be delivered with:

  • VFD controlled LNG Fuel pumps
  • Pressure Build-up Unit (PBU). *Only applicable for C-tank installations

Cargo System

With an increased demand for LNG fuel, the infrastructure needs to follow. A greater need for small- and medium-scale LNG carriers and dedicated bunkering ships is foreseen.  

Stress Analysis

In the process of manufacture, construction, and operation, defects inevitably occur in pressure pipelines, leading to excessive local stress, which will affect the service life of pipelines. Therefore, it is more important to calculate the stress of pressure pipeline under the combined action of internal pressure and local load. For pipelines’ safety, countries to develop various standard reference for engineers to calculate, such as ASME, RCCM, EN13480 etc. 

LNG Consultancy

We understand that the ever-changing energy market’s fast-paced nature requires a second opinion and guidance before making major decisions. Our consultancy service will guide your business through the Low Carbon Emissions market and help you determine your business case in alignment with your business goals and vision.

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