On 31st of August, 2018, Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry co.,ltd(CHI) and Torgy LNG have signed the agreement to build a IMO A type LNG tank mock-up as a pilot project. The mock-up will help Torgy LNG to provide package services to the potential user including supply of IMO A type LNG tank, FGSS. On the other hand, it will also enable CHI to be capable of manufacture IMO A type LNG tank and provide the customized products to its clients in building small scale LNG carriers and LNG Fueled vessels. Torgy LNG was established in 1954, headquartered in Norway, presently is focusing on providing a portfolio of products and services including design, manufacture and supply of LNG fuel system, pressure vessels and thermal insulated cryogenic supports to the worlds LNG and Oil & Gas Industry. CHI is a subsidiary company of China Cosco Shipping Corporation limited, has ten(10) large modernized shipyards located from south to north of China, focusing on ship new building, repairing and conversion, and offshore projects new building, repairing and conversion, CHIs products fully cover most types of the projects in the market. Along with the significant growth of LNG demand, today, the cooperation between CHI and Torgy LNG will enable them to provide the potential clients with turn-key projects.