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Torgy is a supplier of parts since its founding in 1954 that later dedicated itself to LNG in 2008; our brand was established in Norway, and we take pride in our Norwegian heritage. Our long history has made it possible for us to provide numerous products, and we are proud of our dedication to offering a product range for a greener maritime industry. At Torgy LNG, we want to spark a global movement within the maritime industry to make sustainable thinking the standard, not the exception. 

Torgy LNG delivers turnkey solutions, including engineering, project consultancy, planning, purchasing, project management, installation of LNG storage, gas fuel systems, and the next-generation fuel for the shipping sector.  Working with our clients at every step, Torgy LNG supplies a unique range of products and services, including IMO A and IMO C LNG containment systems. Our company also provides LNG re-gas and fuel handling systems for shipping and industry. These systems are compact, efficient, and are under constant development – most recently Ammonia Ready. 

Torgy LNG now serves customers all over China, the European region, and Norway and is thrilled to facilitate an eco-conscious choice for our designers and shipyards worldwide and can deliver systems in all markets, including solutions for Jones Act Shipping. 

ISO 9001 & ISO 3432-2

Certified company


Manufacturing Floor Space

150 Skilled

Workers, Managers and Engingeers

67 Years

of Extensive Experience



Torgy is founded


The Company first dedicated itself to LNG. Made investments in Jahre Group and LNG business


LNG FGSS with A-tank for Rolls-Royce onshore facility (Test cell), Installation, commissioning and first LNG bunkering.


Torgy LNG receives General Approval for LNG storage system from DNV G

1st IMO Type-A tank GASA achieved with Triplex membrane


2nd  IMO Type-A tank GASA achieved with Invar metal membrane

EPCIC Contract awarded for delivery of FGSS to a Ro-pax vessel. With C-type fuel tank


Torgy establish facilities in Bryne, Norway




  • Torgy LNG Wins EPCIC Contract for supply of LNG Fuel Gas supply system
  • Torgy LNG and Jiangsu Changneng signs partnerships agreement for development and supply of insulation system for the Torgy IMO A tank system
  • Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry and Torgy LNG have signed agreement to build a IMO A type tank mock-up
  • Torgy LNG with breakthrough in China Wins EPCC Contract for supply of LNG Fuel Gas supply system for Stena project
  • Signed contract in China on delivery of 3 new IMO C tanks


Torgy Group will conduct its business with integrity, respecting law and cultures as well as the individual’s right in all the countries where it operates.

Compliance with local and international laws and regulations is mandatory and we will continually strive to confirm to the highest standard of ethical behavior, integrity and honesty.

Torgy emphasizes and encourages all business relations to Act with IntegrityWork Together to overcome challenges and obstacles, strive every day to Make a Difference and Care about others and the environment.

Company Values

act with Integrity

Act with Integrity

work together

Work Together

make a difference

Make a Difference



Company Objectives

Our Vision

Global supplier of innovative marine technologies for a sustainable future based on cost effective solutions


We want to be a mindful Organisation that will contribute to the sustainability of the Marine environment

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